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Sally 26th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator
I work in a government Day Centre in the Hunter Valley of NSW. During COVID19 we have no clients in our centre but have been allowed to visit them in their homes for a restricted period of time. During NAIDOC we have a "Door decorating competition " throughout the Health Department of the Hunter New England district. We only have one client that identifies as "Aboriginal" and she doesn't wish to pursue that identity. I would be appreciative of your thoughts as to discussing Aboriginal culture and peoples with my clients. Some of them have definate negative attitudes to Aboriginal people and would refuse to be part of the crafts offered.
I have found this before when Japanese or German culture days are offered.
Do we just respect their attitudes and move on?
Do we encourage them to learn a bit?
What about people with a dementia diagnosis?
Susan 27th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sally
Working with the elderly can be tricky in this regard
They have a lived their life
Many are not open to change
However some are
You know your clients best
You can offer some togetherness activities
If they do not want to participate let it go and move on
Especially with folks who have dementia they can be very prejudiced and may display unwanted behavior because of their preconceived notion‘s about certain types of people
You definitely do not want to agitate them
Logic does not work with those who have dementia

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