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MJ 30th Jun 2020 Recreation Supervisor
I can't say how much your site has helped me in the last six months! And especially with the pandemic -- our facility (adult day center) is shut down, and all of the members are home with their families til we reopen. Meanwhile, I've been making 40 activity bags per week that are delivered to their homes -- with an art project, word searches, crossword, today in history, celeb birthday, find the hidden object, etc. -- all from your amazing site!!! Our members and their families LOVE IT and look forward to their bag each week.Thank you so much for all of the ideas and resources, I literally couldn't get through this without Golden Carers!!!
Susan 30th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Wow MJ
That is so great
You are a wonderful person and doing a lot to help the seniors that usually come to your facility
Thank you for sharing this information and for all that you do
Mary LYnn 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Director
I love what you are doing. I will be doing the same now that I found this site. Our facility was to re open on Tuesday July 7th but now it's pushed to Aug 3rd. Anyway another idea I got was personalizing some puzzles using the templates they provide. Example: One of our ladies loves the Beetles. So I am going to personalize her cross word puzzle with Beetle questions and also "word search" with more Beetle words and personal words like her name and words related to her. Also she is of Irish culture so I will print out Irish information from the "Multicultural" section of this site. To name a few ideas! My hopes are they get a thrill when they open their package or even if their care givers are helping them, to see that its all related to THEIR interest. I will be doing 35 of these so I will definitely learn about cultures and "This Day In History" :) Lots of love and luck to you
Susan 2nd Jul 2020 Activity Director
Wow Mary Lynn thank you for sharing
Sounds like you are doing a great job
MJ 2nd Jul 2020 Recreation Supervisor
Thanks Susan! And good for you, Mary Lynn, such great ideas!! Yes, the personalized word search on Golden Carers is AMAZING! The opening of our facility has also been delayed, Mary Lynn...My challenge in doing the home activity bags is coming up with an art project for 40 that can easily go into a bag... so far I've done a bird seed treat, planting kit, heart collage kit, watercolor kit, rainbow mobile, coffee filter sunflowers, scratch art kit, air dry clay, and family tree art project... still have weeks to go though!!
Susan 2nd Jul 2020 Activity Director
Again MJ I see you working hard
All great ideas
As I said before the facility is lucky to have you working for them and the clients are lucky too
Keep up the good work and feel free to ask questions if you need to
Mary LYnn 6th Jul 2020 Activities Director
Holy moly MJ thanks for sharing these awesome ideas xo. You are a good soul!
Sheena 9th Jul 2020
I'm in the same boat. This site has saved me a ton of leg work!
Susan 9th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Glad this site has helped you and so many others

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