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Timboon 10th Jul 2020 Social Support Staff
Hi All,
I'm hoping to start a gardening group for our Social Support members. I am today chasing some government guidelines as I am lost in searching the internet for what I require.
We plan to have a vegetable garden but my question is, is our Cook then able to use the produce to feed members as its not a registered supplier. If not are the members able to benefit by taking this produce home . Does any body know the do's and don'ts and where I can find this information for my report.
Thank you,
And congratulations to all for your input on an excellent helpful website.
Susan 10th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Annmaree
I think your best option is to contact a look of garden club in your area for this information
I am not from your area so I really don’t know what to tell you about your areas requirements
I know that we could not use the vegetables that the residents grew
You may want to think about growing alternative plants
Here are some articles and golden Carers to read
Susan 12th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Annmaree
You may want to ask this question to our Facebook group
Karen 12th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator / EN
Hi Annmarie. Speak to Charlene at Cobdenhealth. She may be able to help you with this.
Good luck
Susan 13th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for that information Karen
Timboon 16th Jul 2020 Social Support Staff
Thank you ladies, much appreciated.

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