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Sunya 13th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi everyone hope all is well during these crazy times. Question? Are any of you doing fundraisers while your nursing homes are on shutdown? Thanks
Susan 15th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sunya
Think about how badly you need the money you may want to postpone the fundraiser until times are better although we don’t know when that will be

You can modify some of the activities suggested here so you can do things online instead person to person
You can give out gift card as a prize
You can collect money using Zelle or some other form of online payment
If you need to collect money you can put it in a sterilizer so it is sterile and won’t pass on germs
If you are looking for free things you might want to try some of these although I don’t know how friendly they are during the coronavirus
Sunya 15th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Susan for this post.

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