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Jan 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director
I was wondering how everyone is changing their Care Plans because of the Covid-19
Solange 15th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jan, your facility may suggest something. If not, you may write a sentence of two in the Care Plan explaining exactly what you are doing for each resident during COVID19. For instance: you may be offering moral support via phone, tests, and messages. Or showing up once or twice a day (staying at the door of the resident's room) and praising him/her: 'How well you have handled the crisis, Mary, You ought to be congratulated' - it helps stave off negative feelings of isolation and promote feelings of genuine care. Also, you may be facilitating ways to calm and entertain the resident with 'Activity Kits'.
Nina 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director
MDS has added a section for Covid, and how we try to support the individual on a physical , phycological and emotional basis. I write in my progress notes how the residents are being supported in their rooms and with 1:1. Also I have for each resident who is independent what they like to do in their rooms on an individual basis. Each resident has a careplan for 1:1. I write also on when they are using facetime or zoom, or have thier own cell phones to stay in touch wiht their families, or when they have window visits.

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