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Gail 31st Jul 2020 Activities Director
can a person do the newsletter in Publisher?? if so how do I convert it to Publisher from word??
Maurice 31st Jul 2020
Hi Gail!

Thanks for getting in touch. To try and make our templates accessible to a broad audience we chose Word instead of Publisher, less and less people seem to have access to the software, however I am aware of some of the advantages to using Publisher.

I'm curious - what were your main reasons for using Publisher over Word? We designed our templates to be simple to use, similar in a way to what you'd be used to.

Thanks Gail, talk soon!
Gail 1st Aug 2020
Publisher is soooo much easier to do editing...Can you offer it in both word and publisher??
Leanne 5th Aug 2020 Activity Director
I do all my newsletters, calendars & flyers in Publisher, it is so easy. I hardly ever use word.
Susan 5th Aug 2020 Activity Director
I have used publisher and word
I like a word better because more people use it
Bettie 17th Jun 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Leanne, have you had success using Golden Carers calendar is word format and inserting into a publisher file as 'insert file'? I want to use their calendar but its not working transferring properly. Thanks
Susan 18th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Leanne
I hope you can help Bettie
Thanks in advance
Maurice 20th Jun 2021
Hi everyone!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate calendars into Publisher:

1. Convert to JPG and insert into Publisher

- One solution is to download and use the Golden Carers Calendars as normal. When you're done, convert them to JPG.
- You can do this by taking a screenshot, or using for Word, and for PDFs
- Then, in Publisher, click Insert > Pictures, or drag it in
- I've attached a screenshot showing a working example of this

2. Use Built-In Publisher Calendars

- Another solution is to use the built-in calendars within Publisher
- To use these, click "Insert", then "Calendars", and select one that suits your needs
- You can also click "More Calendars" to specify what month you want to use

I hope that helps! :)

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