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Glenda 15th Nov 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator Mentor
We are looking for activities for active men with dementia, they can do by themselves safely with minimal supervision to give them an interest.
Helen 15th Nov 2012
I just made up a new Sensory box-tactile/visual/reminisce.
Theme "Holidays".Use a picnic basket. put in things to remind people of holidays. pair of bathers, goggles, torch, skipping rope, ping pong bat, tent pegs, photos etc. Or you can just fill a box with things relating to men
.The resident can pick something from the basket/box, then encourage them to talk about it.
I had a fantastic response from this.
Lyn 15th Nov 2012 Student/Activities coordinater
A fishing line with a magnet on the end of the line to atach itself to a fish with a magnet in a large blue bucket would be good for them and then if the fish are the same color of the real thing, it ends up with a guesing game with the fish.
Solange 16th Nov 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Glenda, try 'furniture rejuvenation'; look for a couple chairs a little worse for wear and ask residents to sand them (sanding block id ideal)until they are smooth and ready to be painted. Ask another resident without dementia to paint them later. Another thing to try is Leggo Duplo building blocks, despite being a childrens game, building blocks can entertain and enhance creativity. Leggo Duplo can be bought second-hand on E-Bay or ask for donation in your next newsletter.
Tamara 26th Mar 2021 Activities Manager
Hi all,
I have a resident who have advanced dementia. Is always moving furniture and wanting to pick up wood etc.... he was a carpenter for many years so I wondered if there were any ideas from you all on how to build a work station that he could use for building blocks etc.... any resources would be greatly appreciated
Solange 26th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Tamara, woodwork is a good activity with so many benefits. There are some excellent plywood projects suitable to a resident that was once a carpenter. You could purchase a simple plywood project for him and see how he goes. Plywood projects like floating shelves, trunks, coffee tables, dog/bird houses. Also, you can get an old chair from the Salvation Army Store and give it to him to 'restore'. There is a good chance he will be totally focused for a couple of week cleaning, sanding, polishing, and painting it. It is a good idea to have a facilitator or volunteer to supervise him for safety.

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