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Gwyneth 1st Aug 2020 Volunteer
Why is it when I hit ENTER it double spaces. When I type to the end of the line it automatically goes to single line spacing, but when I only type a few words and want to go to the next line, and press enter it goes double spacing, and it only happens on Golden Carers. Thanks
Maurice 2nd Aug 2020
Hi Gwyneth!

What were you having trouble with? Is it the Forum, or a specific activity? Or maybe within an activity download.

Thanks, talk soon!
Gwyneth 4th Aug 2020 Volunteer
In the SUBMIT AN ACTIVITY SECTION, is when the problem starts. Where it says CLICK TO START. . If I want to type the words of a song, I want single not double spacing:

e.g Daisy Daisy give me your answer do - and then press ENTER
to go to the next line it comes up DOUBLE SPACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only way I can show you what I mean.

No problems with single sending this, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheerio for now
Maurice 4th Aug 2020
Thank you Gwyneth!

I've just updated the Submit Activity page with the following instructions:

[Enter] = Paragraph
[Ctrl] + [Enter] = New Line

This is actually the same way you break onto a new paragraph or new line in Microsoft Word, it's one of those 'quirks' of computers.

Let me know how you go, hope that helps!

Gwyneth 5th Aug 2020 Volunteer
Hello Maurice, Thanks again, but I have found out how to do it now press Shift/Enter working perfectly now. Thanks,

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