Share your activities with the Golden Carers community!
Share your activities with the Golden Carers community!

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Molly 16th Mar 2023 Activity Coordinator
We use "Good News Network" for "what happened on this day in history" and positive current events
Kimberly 25th Jan 2024
Thank you for this information!
Rebecca 17th Jan 2023 Activity Coordinator
Jeopardy! We use the resident really have been enjoying this.
Deed 23rd Aug 2022 Day Activity Co-ordinator
Many thanks for giving us all diversity in our Activities, it certainly takes the pressure of knowing you have Golden carers to fall back on.
This day in history; is a great way to remind everyone off DATE MONTH and YEAR, it also opens up fantastic conversations!
Susan 23rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Deed
Thank you for your kind words
Keep up your great work
Sonia 26th Jan 2022 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
I added to existing Quiz... thanks it was great to have a start to build on.
Talita 30th Jan 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Sonia, that is great to hear!