Create and print your own quizzes and save them for future use! Delight your residents with quizzes based on their interests and background!

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Lorien 3rd Mar 2024 Leisure And Health
Would love a quiz to also have images and sounds/ music for the pople who find it hard to focus or see. thank you.
Kerrily 4th May 2021 Lifestyle Staff
I like this idea but I'm wondering if the font can be bigger, and maybe pictures would help some residents? (I've never made a slideshow before)
Maurice 4th May 2021
Hi Kerrily!

Thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to test out one of the slideshows yourself yet?

The font is quite large, especially when considering that the group event is usually done on a larger screen, like a TV or projector.

That being said we will see what we can do here, and image quizzes are already being worked on behind the scenes :)