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Adele 14th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi has anyone got any suggestions for a life theme. i have to think of a life theme and then do a music activity, poem,quiz,prop and informative narrative.

Ive also got to do the same centered round a bottle of champagne
Susan 14th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
I am not sure exactly what you mean
Does the poem short story and quiz have to be about the same topic
Here is a life short story
Here is the life song
Here is a life poem
Here is a life prop you can use
You can use any of these as your central theme and adapt and modify so you have the poem the song The narrative and the prop
Is this what you had in mind??

Adele 14th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Susan, yes the activities have to be about the same life theme, as do the exercises based around a bottle of champagne as a prop.
Susan 15th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
When I think about a champagne bottle I think about New Year’s eve or some other party
To start with you need a picture or a real champagne bottle as your prop
You can probably buy an empty champagne bottle at a party store or just do use a picture that you can friend or get a book of champagne bottles that you could show
Here is a new year short story that you could use
You can reminisce about the new year and what that means to your clients
You can talk about what that new year means to you
You could also do the same for birthdays or for Chinese new year because you might serve champagne at any of these events
You could then serve some real or Non-alcoholic or one you can make yourself With apple juice and soda Champagne
Adele 15th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you Susan

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