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Sarah 16th Aug 2020 Engagement Worker
Hi all,

I am starting my new job at a brand new carehome on Monday. The first two weeks will be training.
At the moment there are no residents living in the home, but this will change mid September.
I have worked as an Activites assistant before in my last job, but this time I am the Lifesyle coordinator.
I just wondered whether you qall made your own forms for when the residents come into the home, like their life story and what their likes and dislikes are, hobbies, favourite music ans singers etc? or did you find that the company had ones already made up for you to use?
My new manager is so busy with getting the home ready to open that ive not had much time to sit and go through with her what I need to be doing.
Although the home is brand new there are other homes run by the same company.
I really want to be amazing at my new role and do everything right. I'm so nervous.
Thanks in advance
Solange 16th Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sarah, I am sure you will be amazing at your job Sarah. You have the right attitude. Usually, care facilities have their own forms, however, since your facility is brand new maybe you will have to start from scratch. Have a talk to your manager, she may have some experience with forms. You may also make her aware that Golden Carers offer the electronic Toolkit that could make your work much easier:

You can find some forms here: - Social and Cultural Profile and other forms like an Evaluation form, Policies and Procedures Handbook, Daily and Monthly Attendance forms, Newsletter template, Healthy and Lifestyle Surveys, What to include in a staff meeting, etc.

The best of luck!
Susan 17th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sara
Congratulations on your new job
Solange has some great advice
One more thing you might want to do is to call another facility owned by this company and talk to the activity director to see what forms they use
Most activity directors are very helpful if you reach out to them
Just so you know being a lifestyle coordinator is much more difficult than being an activity aid
But it sounds like you are up for the challenge
Good luck
Feel free to ask any questions because golden carers has many helpful intelligent members
Sarah 17th Aug 2020 Engagement Worker
Thank you so much ladies. This is great advice :)

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