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Sarah 20th Aug 2020 Engagement Worker
Hi all,

I’m just wondering, do you do weekly activity calendars or monthly?

I’ve made a rough weekly one but it seems most people do a plan for the whole month.

Thanks in advance

Sarah xx
Susan 20th Aug 2020 Activity Director
We did both a monthly and weekly calendar
It seems no matter how much I planned there were changes that were reflected in a Weekly calendar
The monthly calendar was hard to see because there was so much on it but the weekly calendar I made in large print so many could read it
I posted both calendars and gave the weekly calendar to anyone who wanted it
Also the weekly calendar had the menus for the week on the back of it
You can't see a copy of my calendars here
Paraskevi 20th Aug 2020 Lifestyle And Leisure Coordinator

If any change occurs we put flyers up.
Rebecca 25th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
We do monthly programs that each resident gets prior to the previous month ending. In the communal areas I print it out in an A3 size and then on a white board we write daily what is happening. If there are any changes to program we can then write it there as to limit the amount of printing we are doing.
Susan 25th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your feedback Rebecca
Tanya 27th Aug 2020
I do monthly and distribute to those whom would like one. Then I have one laminated at the Nurses' Station and have a huge - 4' by 5' full color - that is hung on the bulletin board. If there are changes, which happens a lot when you work in a Convent - I just hang a note at the Nurses' Station and on the dining room door stating necessary changes for that day - - and I don't hang it too early, usually by 8:00 the day that the changes occur.

Here's one of mine.

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