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Jill 24th Aug 2020 Artist - Workshop Practitioner
Hi Everyone,
With lock down continuing for the rest of this year I am starting to do my planning for Christmas.
My husband and I usually have costumes for Christmas day.
With no visitors or entertainers coming in what are other Activities Cordinators planning?
My team are very reserved and don't like getting into role.
Any ideas would be gratefully received!
Susan 24th Aug 2020 Activity Director
There are many things that you and your staff can do
You can help each resident decorate his room for the holidays
Whether they make the decorations themselves are you buy some and distribute them
Here are some ideas on golden Carers
Besides these there are many activities that residents can do but themselves or with the help of staff
You may have to adapt and modify some of these activities so that they can be done individually or with the help of staff you may want to pass out supplies to residents that are interested
It is good planning to think about these things now because some may take bit of work

Jean 29th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Jill, Last year I organised an evening early it December when we got the residents themselves to decorate the Christmas tree. The Maintenance man helped me, he put the lights on the tree then we asked the residents to choose a baubel and show us where they wanted it put. We then turned off the lights, did a countdown and turned on the Christmas tree lights. We serves mulled wine and mince pies after and they all enjoyed it. Christmas day itself we have a big Christmas dinner and Santa gives out small presents . The main focus is the meal.
Susan 1st Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thanks for the information
Adrienne 1st Sep 2020 Activities And Volunteer Coordinator
I have to organize 6 home area Christmas Dinners without any entertainment of family present. Does any one have any ideas on making it really festive involving residents and staff?
Susan 1st Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adrienne
You can use some of the ideas mentioned in the comments and you can use some of the ideas in this article even though you’re not doing Christmas in July adapt it as being appropriate

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