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Luke 24th Aug 2020 Activities Coordonator
Hello all, so our home is back in lockdown, so looking for different ideas for our residents, we have bed ridden residents that have limited mobility, we have done , videos birdfeeders ,looking at photos,hand massage,music. Has any one got any different ideas plz
Susan 25th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Luke
What do you think about these ideas
Bunker bingo look at the comments because there are more ideas on how to adapt and modify this activity
What about this scavenger hunt??
There is also a DIY horse racing game that looks like a lot of fun and that can be easily modified for other sporting events
What about making activity packets for your residents??
What about the ideas in this article

Let me know what you think and if you need any more ideas

Luke 25th Aug 2020
Thank you
Susan 27th Aug 2020 Activity Director
I have one more idea Luke
Why don’t you distribute playing cards to those who want them
There are many games they can play with them or you can play a hand of cards with them when you do your visits
They can pretend they are two different people and play for each of them
They could play a game like war

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