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Adele 26th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi anybody have any good dvd or music suggestions to do exercises to.
I have got put pep in your step but would like something different.
Susan 26th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
How about the hokey pokey head shoulders knees and toes or when the Saints go marching in
These articles may help you as well
Tanya 27th Aug 2020
We use ideas from YouTube. We have done the dancing in the chairs but they really love TaiChi which offers seated, standing and standby options. I am the only activity staff for 35 women so I use the YouTube to help show while I walk around and physically assist the visually impaired, demonstrate if needed and all around 'watch' in the event of an emergency.
Susan 27th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Tanya
What wonderful ideas thank you for sharing

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