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Adele 28th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi I have to plan an activity for 10 people ive never met, two are in wheelchairs, any ideas
Susan 28th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
Do you know anything about these residents
Their like their dislikes
Their abilities
Music is always a safe bet because just but everyone likes music
It was my go to activity one what a plan did not work
Kathleen 31st Aug 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
Hi Adele
Maybe a game of easy bingo, or using noodles and balloons for movement. Word matching on a whiteboard eg: knife and fork, salt and pepper. Using soft throw balls into a bucket. Singing songs with movement. Row row your boat, grand old duke of York while marching.
Adele 1st Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Kathleen, im bemused by using noodles, Sounds interesting but what do you do ?
Sherry 2nd Sep 2020 Activities Assisstant
Exercise programs are always good and they can be done in a wheel chair so everyone can be involved.
Susan 2nd Sep 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your input Sherry
Talita 2nd Sep 2020
Hi Adele - I believe pool noodles are called woggles or water logs in the UK!

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