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Adele 25th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi not sure if this is allowed but Im wondering if anyone has done this course -Activities Training Assessment Certificate. Im struggling with the last unit, not done any training since I left school 40 years ago!
Looking for a bit of help if possible.
Thanks In Advance
Susan 26th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
I am not sure what activities assessment training is but I’m guessing it’s similar to the MEPAP training in the United States For activity director certification
Do you have some specific questions??
Solange 26th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Adele, what is the subject of your last unit?
Adele 28th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Susan and Solange
The last unit covers
Presentation Skills
Self awareness and perception of others
Body language
Effective communication techniques
Understanding confusion
Ageing process
Encouragement skills

Is it okay to ask as I go along, Im not the least bit academic and just want to finish this last unit.
Susan 28th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
Are you supposed to give definitions of each of the items listed or are you supposed to give examples or both??
Adele 28th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Susan,
To start with i have to think of 12 negative and 12 positives of getting old, so far I have
Loneliness Pride
Dependance Carefree
Fear Secure
Solange 29th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Adele, Just a few thoughts on the subject. Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively so you can extend it to others. It is a key component of emotional intelligence and relates to how your internal emotional states and strengths/weaknesses (among other things) can impact on those you care for. Having a good self-awareness makes you a better caregiver in that you can handle interpersonal relationships in a professional, empathetic way. The rapport you build with your client will be superior; you will be able to better recognize and assess the behaviors, sadness, and negative feelings of clients. There are many ways to develop self-awareness:
1 - Practice mindfulness 2 - Ponder on how you react to stress 3 - Try to put yourself in other people’s place 4 - Use honesty and humility 5 - Be open to perspectives of other races and ethnicity 6 - Take responsibility for your wrong doings and apologize sincerely 7 - Recognize implicit bias.

Solange 29th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Adele,
Best positive aspects of growing old; grandchildren, wisdom, mellow, more time for friends, time for hobbies, Volunteering, seniors discount.

Negative aspects of growing old: aches and pains, feeling unattractive, no longer driving at night, away from family, boredom, missing the fast pace life they lived, losing friends,
Adele 30th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you Solange.

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