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Jennifer 29th Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator
Can anyone recommend a book of short stories to read to residents with dementia?
Emily 29th Sep 2020 Nurse
I use print outs of Aesop's Fables you can find on google! Hopefully this helps :)
Carrie 30th Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator
Chicken Soup for the Soul books have always been a hit.
Susan 30th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Emily
I like the Aesops fables too
Susan 30th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jennifer
Welcome to Golden Carers
You will not be disappointed with this group
There are many intelligent creative members here
I always used the chicken soup for the soul stories
I think the shorter stories are best
It is important to be excited and engaging when reading a story
Let the residents give their opinions about aspects of the story
You can use many types of short stories as long as you make it interesting and exciting for the residents
Golden Carers has short stories you can use
Elisa 30th Sep 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator
Fables are great, also Sufi moral stories with Nasrudin, the holy fool.
I have found Limericks great for reading time and dementia so I bought Eduard Lear's collected works. The greatest thing is that they are short and can be printed big for residents to read aloud.
I also have a book of Irish History (I work in Ireland) written for tourist with very short chapters that I use.
Susan 1st Oct 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Elisa

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