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Leaann 2nd Oct 2020 Activity Director
What is everyone doing to celebrate Halloween? Are y'all and your residents dressing up? Tomorrow we are having a Zombie Hunt and today we are doing chair exercises to the song, "Monster Mash" but I don't yet have anything planned for closer to the day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Susan 2nd Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Leaann
These comments should give you ideas
Leaann 6th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Thank you!
Fiona 21st Oct 2020
Why not use a stick string and hook for all the halloween games such as apple bobbing eat the doughnut
Susan 21st Oct 2020 Activity Director
Good idea Fiona
Thank you
Samantha 23rd Oct 2020 Registered Manager
We're doing activities such as "what's in the box" which is a good sensory activity (albiet a bit messy)!

Adding things like peeled grapes, cold porridge, wire wool and fun things to touch and then adding a Halloween theme is good fun. Peeled grapes can be "eyeballs", wire wool can be "witches hair", strawberry laces can be "worms" and so on. You can blindfold residents or simply craft a box for them to put their hands in and guess what they're touching. :)
Susan 23rd Oct 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing Samantha
Rebecca 28th Oct 2020 Activities
It’s a simple but great fun idea for Halloween. All you need is toilet roll ! It’s called mummify the staff. You get 2 carers say to wrap toilet paper around 2 senior staff ! And the first to totally immerse the person in toilet paper with just eyes and mouth open is winner. It is hilarious and makes residents laugh
Susan 29th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Sounds like fun Rebecca
Thank you for sharing

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