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Johnna 13th Oct 2020 Activities
Is there anywhere on here I can get a veterans appreciation certificate for my residents?
Susan 13th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Johanna
You can alter these certificates meet your needs

Talita 19th Oct 2020
Hi Johnna, we don't have anything specifically at the moment but that is a very good idea. We will put something together and keep you posted.
Gigi 4th Nov 2021 Director of Recreation Therapy
I was also looking for a certificate of appreciation...something not generic but with the army navy etc. emblems on it...?
Kim 5th Nov 2021 Activities Director has nice, free, printable, customizable certificates with military branches.
Susan 5th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kim
Thank you for that information
Should be a big help
Thanks again

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