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Leaann 3rd Nov 2020 Activity Director
I am in need of Bingo prize ideas. We hold Bingo every Mon, Wed & Friday and each participant get to pick some candy from the Bingo bucket. However, I keep score and at the end of the month the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners get a bigger prize. It used to be gift cards to their favorite stores/restaurants but now that we can't do outings that isn't working. The residents haven't given me much suggestions other than that they are sick of body washes, shampoo, tissues, etc. That doesn't leave me much to go on. Any suggestions out there on prizes you give out? Thanks!
Anne 3rd Nov 2020 Sheltered Housing Support Worker
As it is coming up to Christmas may be you could get Christmas card packs, stamps, decent writing pen and writing sets of paper and envelopes, selection boxes and wrapping paper things they could do with & Decorations for the tree. They could always give what they don't want away as presents.
If they are allowed to drink what about the odd miniature. Home baking too.
Good Luck
Susan 4th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Leanne
Here are some ideas on golden Carers
Hopefully one of these will be appropriate for you
Susan 4th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Good ideas Anne thank you

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