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Ann Marie 11th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Golden Carers you are truly fantastic. There is such a huge range of activities to cover most abilities and capabilities in all that you offer.
This has made my job so much easier and keeps my lovely residents entertained throughout the year.
This was definitely the best decision I ever made in joining and would recommend you to everyone.

Thank you again, I don't think you realise the difference that you make to people's lives.
Talita 12th Nov 2020
Ann marie thank you so very much for your feedback, it means so much to us! All the very best to you. Let's hope for a brighter year in 2021! x
Susan 12th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Ann Marie
Also thank you for being a member of Golden Carers
You have discovered as many of the members have that there is a huge amount of activities to try
If you have any questions or if you would like to share a favorite activity we all would love it
Thanks again
Ann Marie 23rd Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank you Susan.
We are about to practice "Sleeping Beauty" which the staff are performing for residents. One of the residents is also taking part.
Susan 24th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Wow thank you for that information Ann Marie
I don’t know if others are interested in how you are doing it
But I would love to see a picture if that is possible

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