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Sally 17th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
I'm hoping to organise a Vintage Kitchen Week next year. I want to include utensils, aprons, cookbooks. I work in a Day Centre (ie not Residential) We had a wedding expo a couple of years ago and got examples from staff (Community Health) as well as clients.

What I'm looking for is suggestions for other types of display weeks that the public and staff could be involved with.
Susan 18th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sally
It sounds like you have a wonderful group
I am not sure what you are asking
Are you asking for examples of different kitchens that you can display or are you asking for other types of display weeks that you could have??
Let me know
Sally 19th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan,
Sorry just to be clear, I’m looking for ideas for displays other than kitchen.
Susan 20th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the clarification Sally
Here are some other ideas
An art room
Where are you could make or collect pictures to display and other objects that you might want to use which could be handmade or found
A children’s toy or playroom where are you could get or make children’s toys to display
A music room where are you could display old fashion record players either pictures or if you can get real ones you probably can buy some Inexpensive replicas or you could have a tape of residents singing
Let me know if you need more ideas
Jean 20th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
I am going to use this idea of a music room for New Years Day. I will set it up in the 'pub' area and make it a pub afternoon with a sing along. I have a lot of the item available already and just need to do a bit of planning. Thank you for inspiring me.
Susan 21st Nov 2020 Activity Director
Wow Jean
It sounds like a great idea I’m glad I could inspire you to do this

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