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Coral 30th Nov 2020 Activities Cordinator
What to do if people refuse to join?

Hey everyone I have a few people who are up for anything and sadly some would rather not be disturbed and do not want to enjoy the activity and make that super clear, I am finding it so hard with the people who do not want to do anything some I can’t force them to come along but I feel like they are being left out I don’t really know where I stand with this has anyone had this problem I’m going this alone so some people aren’t very able to do certain things and with a large group I’m limited to spilt myself in two :(
Susan 30th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Coral
Unfortunately this is a common problem
I was always very good at getting people to go to activities
Have you read the articles I suggested before
What i found works the best is to tell them that their doctor wants them to go to the activity
Hopefully you can get the doctor to agree with you which he should
I find that asking people three times also helps specially if more people are off the floor
Also talk to their family about this perhaps you can get the families to come periodically and join them at the activity
Food is also a great motivator to get people to come to the activity
Most often serve the food at the end of the activity
Get other staff as your cheerleader for the activities especially if they have therapy because the therapist says that going to activities is good for them
Sadly some people just won’t come
Make sure they say they’re not bored because surveyors do not want to hear that word
Give them activities that they can do independently and maybe they can help you out
Complement complement complement is also very good
Perhaps your volunteers can help you out as well
Can you give me an example of one person who does not like to join in
Perhaps I can give you some strategies to help you out with this person
Make sure you mention what their interests are
Set a goal of attending one group activity per month and see if they can follow through
Sometimes religious volunteers can help them to go to activities
Hope to hear from you soon
It sounds like you are working hard
Another thing that works is to tell them your boss will get angry with you if you do not have them go to the activity
Also promised them a reward for going

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