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Patricia 2nd Mar 2016 teacher
Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to fostering motivation in terms of increasing interest and participation in activities.? I have observed that it is very difficult to get some participants involved in anything but bingo and television. Field trips are great, but we can't be out all day everyday. Thanks!

Talita 2nd Mar 2016
Great question, we have a few relevant articles on this topic:

10 Ways To Increase Participation Of Programmed Activities

Hot to motivate residents in long term care

15 Activities For Loners And Introverted Seniors

Hope this helps.
chant 4th Mar 2016
How about asking your participants if they can be more in the capacity of a volunteer.
You can say " We could really use your help, we have some individuals that would really benefit from your assistance." "You really know how to get others involved, I am short-handed
and could really use your help." " I really do not know what I would do without you!"
Good Luck Patricia!
Donna 6th Mar 2016 Recreation
One that that has worked for me with some of the male resident during bingo ( they usually don't want to participate) is I bring them into the game and the first time they play I rig the game so they win and give them a prize usually it's a cookie and that's enough to get them hooked and now they can't Waite to play and the chance to win a treat.

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