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Sarah 2nd Dec 2020 Engagement Worker
Hi all,

Has anybody got a Christmas Carol booklet I could print out for a Carol service?

Many thanks xxx
Jean 2nd Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Sarah, I have a Carol booklet and have also done a Christmas song book for general singalongs. I looked up the words on the internet then 'married' them with the version on Alexa. I have about 12 carols and about 12 Christmas songs in a file on my computer. If you can give me an email address I will send them to you. Jean
Susan 2nd Dec 2020 Activity Director
Susan 3rd Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for your help
It sounds like you are really high Tech
You are very lucky
Sarah 4th Dec 2020 Engagement Worker
Thank you all so much. Jean my email address is [email protected]
Thank you so much xxx
Jean 4th Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator
Susan I wish I was high tech, really not at all. What I meant was that as we have Alexa I use her for all our musical support. When doing the carols/Christmas song book I had to choose a more basic one that I could ask Alexa to sing with us as we don't have anyone who can play the piano etc. I will ask her to give us the song White Christmas by Bing Crosby so that the words I have put in the song book correspond with the version Alexa is going to sing with us. Merry Christmas to everyone in care homes every where.
Susan 4th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jean again
Oh I see you are very lucky to have Alexa to help you
I suspect not many places do so consider yourself lucky even though you say you’re not that high-tech
Have a great holiday season as well for you and your residents
Jean 5th Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator
And you won't believe it but a lady just walked in to the care home, before lockdown, put her hand in her bag and fished out a brand new Alexa Echo asking me if I wanted it. I am lucky, very very lucky, I get everything I 'need'. My manager even comments......and now I have Alexa and Golden Carers....who could ask for more
Susan 5th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Jean
Maybe you can use the Alexa in a different location or perhaps you could give it to a resident who does not come to activities
Just a thought
Jean 6th Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator
We move her around all over the home.
It is fantastic, the residents also have a good laugh when I ask her to play a song and she tells me that she is 'having trouble understanding me right now. Please try in a little while'
I use her for multi-sensory activities also and ask her to give me the sound of eg 'the waves and seagulls' .
When a resident wants to hear a song I show them a printed cue-card with her name on it so that they can ask her to play it. They love her as much as I do.
Susan 7th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jean
As I said multiple times you are really lucky to have this
Can you use the other Alexa in resident rooms??
I am sure many would enjoy it especially using the cue cards that you have

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