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Hello there!
I have a resident that was just admit which is deaf and communicate thru sign language, there is no one in my building that can sign, and the resident don't write. Is there any suggestions, or flash cards, no family.
Susan 4th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Edith have you tried these cue cards
As suggested you could make your own
You could even have this resident help you once she is settled in
Maybe she can teach you sign language??
You could also use these bingo cards but not for playing bingo for talking about certain animals or whatever
Does this person read lips??
Hello there and thank you for the Cues cards and yes he can read lips
Susan 5th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Edith
Just emphasize to our whole communicate with this person that they need to face them so that he can read their lips
simonne 28th Jan 2021 Services Coordinator
HI Edith
I used to do sign language to songs.. get everyone involved. Chose simple songs.. we did
Wonderful world
Colours of rainbow
Love me do

We went to online website..

Everyone loves joining in as its fun doing all the movements.. give it a go!
Susan 29th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Wow Simonne
What a wonderful idea
Do you happen to have the websites that you want to for this??

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