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Lynn 11th Dec 2020 Activity Director
i work in an assisted living and we have very high functioning residents and we are not in complete lockdown at all times. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to entertain residents during birthday parties. I want something other than Bingo.
Solange 14th Dec 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lyn, Birthdays parties are excellent for games. To start you should place tokens under chairs (before the party start) to play for token prizes at the party. Here are a few games suitable for adults: Who Am I? _Make your own celebrity or movie star or choose from the list from Golden Carers

Alphabet Game - Get a group of 26 people - one for each of the Alphabet letters. Ask the first person to give you a word starting with ‘A’ and so on. If you have high function residents you may make it harder e.g. Flowers or Name of People.

Picture Guessing Songs - Prior to the Birthday party ask a group of ladies to find pictures representing songs for the audience to guess. Enlarge the pictures and laminate them. To play the game show the picture and ask residents to guess the song. Here are a few ideas: A Rainbow (Over the Rainbow) - a Pie (American Pie) - Don McClean - A Blackbird (Bye, Bye Blackbird) - A Piano ( Piano Man) - A Moon ( Blue Moon or By the Light of the Silvery Moon (depending on their age) - A Tulip (Tulip of Amsterdam) - a Girl in a red dress (Lady in Red) - A Rose Garden (Rose Garden - Lyn Anderson) - a Rocket (Rocket Man - Elton John).
Susan 14th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lyn
Solange has some great ideas
One thing I find that no matter what level the residents are at I always try to be very complimentary to them and tell them what I love about them
People especially those in assisted-living like to hear good things about themselves
Lynn 15th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the great ideas

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