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Lowana 5th Jan 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Supermarket Shopping activity-
Hi all, Im from Queensland, Australia and Im wanting to set up some type of shop with fake foods and boxes ect. They would be free to browse around an grab items for their baskets, chat between themselves and then leave via a cash register. Has anyone done anything like this? Ive seen places in the Neverlands do this, but cant find more information such as pro's and con's for this activity. Looking forward to feedback and advice :)
Susan 5th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lowana
I have never done what you are describing
Closest I’ve come is playing a boardgame where The residents buy Food
I based the game on a game called grocery shopping I made my own board but where each square had a grocery item
Each player got a list of items to buy each player rolled he dice to move around the board when they landed on a particular item they were able to cross it off the list
You could play that the first person to cross everything off the list was the winner or you could let everyone cross everything off their list
You then could reminisce about grocery shopping
We always had a good time when we played

If you want to play the way you were describing you could ask staff for empty boxes or you could buy them at Oriental Trading

I am not sure if I was helpful anyway that’s what I did
Diane 12th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator
Hi I haven’t done what you are describing but I have had scavenger boxes on walls with mostly tactile stuff objects I them so residents could help themselves to what they wanted Mabye not so good for cross contamination but idea for when activity’s return to normal
Susan 14th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Thank you for your thoughts
This may be a good idea when the coronavirus is over

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