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Helen 19th Jan 2021 Diversional therapist
Hi can anyone help, I have a lovely man with Mixed dementia DLB+ Alzheimers who has become totally fixated on being paid and having money. I have had no trouble till now dealing with similar residents but this gentleman is to smart for false money and the usual diversions, and some (want to be helpful person) gave him a false cheque which now has exacerbated the problem as he wants to cash it .
He happily dusts and this has been a great diversion but now he expects to be paid and is getting frustrated and distressed.
I thought about having a retirement party and getting him a watch and a certificate for his wall but I'm not sure if this will ease his fixation???
any ideas out there???
Susan 19th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Helen
You may have to have multiple retirement parties because he may forget that he had them
You could try displaying the watch so he sees it and perhaps put a card that says good luck in your retirement
What you could do about getting paid
Have a family member give you some extra money and then you could write checks to him from that money
He could then cash the checks but you have to keep it to a reasonable amount of money and perhaps he could have a special account that you could show him instead of him caring around money
Helen 20th Jan 2021 Diversional therapist
Much appreciated for your reply, we discourage too much money to be kept on hand in their rooms due to wandering residents etc. but I'm happy to give anything a go if it helps. thank you again. Helen

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