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Shelli 20th Jan 2021 Activity Director
I’m try to enlarge this calendar? Is there away to do it??
Susan 20th Jan 2021 Activity Director
How large is the paper you want to use and do you have a printer that will print this large calendar in one piece
Oh I know if you download it to word you can enlarge it but I’m not sure how big you want it??
I will send this question to our expert and see what he says
Maurice 22nd Jan 2021
Hi Shellli!

Thank you so much for sending that photo - that helps us a lot.

Since you are using the PDF Calendar - these are very rigid and don't allow for a lot of modification. I highly suggest using the Word Calendar if possible - as you would be able to simply click and drag the table to make it larger

We will do our best to include a patch to detect and fix this issue in the future in an upcoming update to our printable calendars.

Thanks again! :)

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