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Margaret 20th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hello! I am a Life Enrichment Coach ( Activity Coordinator) in a brand new, being built from the dirt up, memory care community. I was asked to go on Amazon to find "supplies' that I could use in my programs. So... any ideas, games, equipment and stuff would be greatly appreciated. All suggestions are welcomed. My residents are high level with memory loss/ Alzheimer's. Thanks everyone!!! Margaret in California
Susan 20th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Margaret
Wow you are so lucky
How much money do you have to spend??
Can you order things from other places??
I would start with some beach balls
I would think about your calendar and see what supplies you might need for the activities
I would order a few movies and music CDs
I would order some arts and craft supplies like markers paint pipe cleaners colored paper and other things do you think you might need in that line of supplies
Bingo prizes
Card stock
Large print coloring books
Snap and click fight sticks
Magnet cubesLarge dice
Playing cards

Do you have any ideas Which residentsyou are getting??
Have you run a memory care unit before??
Do you know what kind of staff are going to have??
Do you have a printer and a computer??
Do you have to buy supplies for those things??
A lot of things you can make yourself
That’s all I can think of right now but I may think of more especially if you answer the questions I asked
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Creative Forecasting Books from Colorado.
Monthly recreation program planning ideas to have on hand or to plan ahead.
Saved me the first year in a new LTC facility.
Cynthia 24th Jan 2021 Manager Of Life Enrichment
If you can use other vendors check out and CDS Boutique both have great ideas for memory care resources.
Susan 24th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Darla and Cynthia for your ideas I’m sure they will be quite helpful
Jen 26th Jan 2021 Recreation Therapist
Adaptive games like bowling, curling, darts etc....Mainly from CDS boutique are all amazing. And of course, Golden Carers which makes my life SO EASY!!
Susan 27th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jan
Thank you for your input

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