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Pamela 20th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hello, I'm a new activities coordinator and love my job. I love the seniors in our lodge. I am concerned about 3 of our residents, 2 men and one woman who never participate in any activity. One on one they are all very pleasant but I would like to get them to interact with the other residents. I know sometimes there are loners so i would like to get some ideas on how I can enrich their lives or learn more on what they need. Would there be any kind of questionnaire out there that I could ask for their feedback?
Solange 20th Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Pamela, how lucky for residents to have you looking for ways to enrich their lives! What a profound effect these loners will have in their lives.
Here are a couple of tips: try to find out through their relatives what sort of endeavors they were up to as younger people (alternatively ask them to fill the Social and Cultural Profile). Then, equipped with the information you could introduce them to one other person that shared the same interest, - later you may introduce another person - so they would benefit from each other in equal measure. Connecting two people that enjoyed Books (Literature), Vintage Cars, Hobbies, Card games, Chess, watching Sport on TV, gardening, artistic pursuits, and other activities may stimulate and revive their love for the activity or Hobby. The acquaintance with one other person is non-threatening and may expand their capacity and willingness to click with each other. They will need a staff member at the introductory meeting until they feel comfortable with each other.
You could also try asking them for help to run an activity; they invariably accept and who knows? They may enjoy it and come for more. All the best!

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