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Rebecca 5th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator
I have a resident who is blind and I'd like some sort of device that he can control easily himself to listen to stories or music on. Any advice?x
Susan 5th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rebecca
Do you have something like a commission for the blind
We have that in the US and they provide different devices for blind residents
If not do you have a therapy department because occupational therapy should be able to evaluate and give or make suggestions as to a device you might use
Do you have a special library for the blind residents
We had that also
They sent a blind person to show residents devices they had
They had books on tape and a simple to use device to play the tape
If no one is willing to help you you will have to do some research online to find an appropriate device for the resident to use
This article may help you as well
Andy 7th Feb 2021 Activities Co Ordinator
we have voice activated Alexa or echo dot something like that our residents use for audio books music and general use like quizzes facts, the time weather news etc. really good and not too expensive.

Susan 8th Feb 2021 Activity Director
You are very lucky Andy
The Alexa or echo that does sound like a good idea

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