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debbie 26th Jan 2013 day centre coordinator
Hi, I was looking at the calender for April. Posted is the Anzac Day Service which i thought was really good. I have a question if people can comment please.
Is it appropriate to run a Anzac Day service for my clients on the 24th of April.? As we are only open on a wednesday and Thursday each week and Anzac day is a public holiday on 25th? What is everyones feelings about this.

thanks Debbie
Michelle 20th Apr 2021
Hi Debbie,
I don't work on weekends so I am conducting an Anzac Day service on the Friday
SPNH 22nd Apr 2021
I have been conducting the service before the actual date for years as we don't work public holidays. The residents are always grateful to have the service no matter what day. I also make sure the care staff on shift on ANZAC day are aware of it and give out poppies ( which I supply) and put tv's on channels which may play the morning service.
Susan 23rd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Debbie
I agree with others that you do not have to celebrate a holiday on the actual date it occurs
I took what I called activity director liberty and celebrated the days that was convenient to all

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