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Florence 18th Mar 2021 Director Of Resident Services
Hello Everyone:
I am looking for a to do Program for Independent Living to do for Spring. It's hard this year to come up for something exciting and fun that is social distancing and with a mask on. Any suggestion is appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!
Susan 18th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Florence
Hi I’m not sure exactly what you mean
Do you want a number of activities for the residents to do independently??
Do you want an arts and crafts project they could do??
do you want a socially distance group activity?)
Do these residents have a connection to technology??
Would these residents like to do a telephone activity??
How long do you want this to last??
Do you want a long term project or things that could be done daily??
Do you have volunteers that could help facilitate an activity or activities??
Let me know so I could be of some help
Susan 18th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Florence
One more thing I want to know is do you want to make activity packets for these residents so they can do different things independently??
Thanks I am waiting to hear from you
Florence 20th Mar 2021 Director Of Resident Services
Hi Susan,
They live in the Retirement homes but we do have programs set up for them but with pandemic, but thank God we are vaccinated here but we are still cautious. I am looking for things to do for them, something like what we want to do... They just like us. They drive, they pick up their own groceries... I am looking for a group, but advance program.

Thank you so much,
Susan 21st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Florence
I think you want to do some social groups with the people in the retirement home
What did they like to do before??
I know many people in this situation do not like to get involved with other people but as you know socializing is very important so I think you need to stress that
You need to find out what things they would like to do now perhaps sending out A lifestyle survey and an interest survey
You probably will have to adapt and modify these surveys because you know what your residents like
With that said most like activities having to do with food
You may want to have gatherings with people of similar interests such as a book club or card playing group or movie watching group or a trivia group etc
I would send out invitations perhaps with the interest survey included in them

The participants may want to wear masks and gloves just to be safe but it’s up to you as to whether you want to make it mandatory
One game I really like is bunco because it’s easy to learn and a lot of fun you can play for prizes or not why not check it out
I hope this is what you had in mind if not let me know or let me know if you need more detail about any of the specifics I have mentioned
Sarah 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director
Does anyone have a survey than what is offered here that has more activities and music choices , Sports etc. Thanks
Susan 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sarah
Have you tried this
You may have to modify it so it reflects the type of activities you can do

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