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Hilma 20th Mar 2021 Nurse
I would like to ask DT's, lifestyle carers etc, what time does your working day start and could you provide me with a typical run down on your day please, say for a 40 bed unit with high and low care mixed. And do you also have an assistant, likeasocial nurse?
Susan 21st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Hilma
Every facility is different every budget is different so to compare one to another does not always work also way things are run a different in different places so what I did mean at work for youI do know
I do know that working in a stressful environment is very difficult on staff
They should be given long breaks are able to talk to people about the situation because decompressing with them is better than at with the residents
You may want to rotate staff however usually people with dementia do not like change in staff
You may want to invite the administrator or a boss to the floor when things are particularly bad so they can see it firsthand
You also may want to recruit volunteers that you would have to train to be with these residents
Jean 21st Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator
We are a dementia home with a capacity of approx 43. Working hours are 10AM - 5:30PM (shared by 2 of us 7 days a week)
11:15AM -11:45AM
Morning exercise x 3 times a week Mon, Wed, Fri. This is structured exercise x 2 times and a fun session eg bouncing around a balloon x 1.
LUNCH (12:30)
Tea, coffee, music or chat or nap (in lounge)
2PM - 4PM interest group/clubs eg craft (various), multi sensory themed reminiscence, knitting, bingo (regular, music or picture to suit different ability), indoor or outdoor gardening depending on the weather, pamper session, dominoes (or other board games as per ability) These activities include a tea break.
4PM - 5PM Jigsaw puzzle, colouring, group sing along etc
Not everybody attends so I use bits and pieces of time in between to visit and chat to people who do not participate. Always chat to new residents as they settle and find out if they have any interests that we can include as the multi-sensory themed reminiscence sessions are the best and can meet a wide range of residents. We have about 50 topics, last week we chatted about visits/holidays to Ireland (because of St Patricks Day I showed pictures of places in Ireland, played Irish music, they had had Irish stew for lunch), this week I will talk about travelling on buses (heavy parcels, children, wet raincoats, standing waiting for the bus in the cold etc whatever memories they have)

Susan 22nd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Wow Jean
Thank you for this helpful detailed information
Hilma 22nd Mar 2021 Nurse
Thank you all.
Jean 22nd Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator
Sorry Susan, I do go on a it tooooo much about the multi sensory reminiscence activity when I am given an opportunity but it is soooo successful that I can't resist and want to spread the idea.
Susan 23rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
That is wonderful Jean
I am sure many people appreciate it
What do you think about this article I know a lot of people like it
Jules 23rd Mar 2021
This is an example of our daily activities. Our team works 9-5 monday to friday and the carers run simple activities at the weekend. Breakfast is 8am, Morning tea is 10.30, lunch is 12.30 and afternoon tea is 3pm.
I hope this helps
Susan 23rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jules
Thank you for sharing these outstanding activities and the calendar

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