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Viktorija 21st Mar 2021 Business Development Manager
Hi all. what ideas/activities could you suggest to organise and add on the activities schedule for the days when the care home does not have activities coordinator? at the moment we have to rely on the care team to do something with residents.
Susan 21st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Viktorja
Here is what Lowena suggests

I have created an after hours/weekends activities resource boxes for each section when my Lifestyle girls are not working. I have inside:
-Quiz books
You may also want to have one of these

Adult coloring
-whiteboard markers for work games ect
-chair exercise DVD's
-Audio story books to play
-Documentaries and movies
-Reminisce cards
-pamper supplies like nail polishes
-physical items like pool noodles and balloons ect
Hope this helps :)
Solange 22nd Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Viktorija, there are quite a few things that can make residents’ lives more enjoyable and meaningful while activity staff is not available. However, a Facilitator /Supervisor is recommended. Perhaps you could find volunteers to come for a couple of hours on the day's activity staff are off. Here are some activities a volunteer could lead: Pet visits, Gardening, Audiobooks, Documentaries, Movie & Popcorn, Coloring Books, Cookies Baking, and Art projects (painting). You could also have on a board “Who Am I?” game; Hollywood artists and staff - interview staff and write something unique about them for the residents to guess.

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