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Linda 1st Apr 2021 Recreation Therapist
The pictures shown here on golden carers are lovely scenes. They are busy pictures with a lot of detail. I have found using the works of australian artist drysdale the residents had great success in being the photo copies to life. There is still a lot of detail in his works however they are more open in the details. The drivers wife looks so simple a closer look reveals the details required
Talita 4th Apr 2021
Drysdale has some beautiful artwork, that's true! We try to provide a wide range of different styles and complexities to choose from but we are limited by copyright laws. We choose from artist works in the public domain or those where we are granted permisison to reproduce particular artworks for coloring. That's wonderful if you have found a way to provide photocopies of selected artworks for residents to color, it's such a lovely activity. Thanks for your feedback Linda x

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