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Julie 8th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator
Quizez- I am finding that the residents go through so many questions at the quiz sessions. I can not put them into groups or have them write down the answers so i simply read them out and they say the answers. But im going thru so many questions im finding it more and more challenging to find new material. Does anyone have any suggestions
Susan 8th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Wow Julie
Have you tried the this day in history
You can use this information to make quizzes
There at least 30 pages of information
For those who want to do independent activities you could print it out for them
If this is not enough let me know and I’ll look up some more things for you to try
Julie 9th Apr 2021
thank you, yes I have gone through so many alternatives, I think I might try the Who wants to be a millionaire app for a change...
Susan 10th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Julie
May want to read this article by Kelly can help you with that let us know how it goes

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