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Susan 20th Apr 2021 Welfare Officer/Activity Coordinator
I can't see much for St Georges Day? poster? bingo? etc.... am i not looking in the right place?
Talita 21st Apr 2021
Hi Susan, we'll make sure there are some posters and a bingo for next time, thank you for asking!

we have some decorative bunting here:
Emma 19th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
will you be doing bingo /posters for st georges day ?
Talita 20th Jan 2022
Yes! We will have posters up soon. The St. Georges page of activities is availalbe here:

I'll see what we can do about a bingo game also, good idea!

I'll keep you posted. Thanks Emma.
Talita 31st Jan 2022
Hi Emma, St George's Day posters and a bingo game are now available here:

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