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SPNH 22nd Apr 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi all,
One of the carers in our facility questioned me about our Men's and Ladie's groups whether it is appropriate to now have seperate sessions due to gender equality etc.
What do you think? Should I stop having gender specific activities?
PS Most of our residents are 80yrs and up and grew up in the age of gender specific roles.
Susan 23rd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Spnh
I had groups that were supposed to be specifically for men or younger residents but I found that men and younger residents did not participate in numbers that were appropriate
I then said that these groups were sponsored by men or younger residents
Also we used to have a men’s breakfast which the women got angry about so we changed it to a residents breakfast
In other words I do not think a group should be for a specific group of residents
I have thought this way for a long time before gender equality etc
Maria 24th Apr 2021
I originally started a scrabble club for the men which really works really well. But them some of the ladies wanted to join in aswell. The men were happy for them to join. Still going strong. Just happy that they are taking part.
Susan 25th Apr 2021 Activity Director
That is great Maria
Thank you for sharing
Gwyneth 27th Apr 2021 Volunteer
Men's and ladies group. Hello Spnh - we are a mixed group of clients at our weekly Day Care centre, and do quite a lot of activities. Been quiet since covid obviously, For the gentle exercise class I announce what we are going to do, I always say "those who want to join in please do", I put the chairs out prepare the music , and when I turn around the chairs are full of men and women who wanted to join in, no pressure, It is the same with everything, we play quoits, carpet bowls, do singalongs and very often the men or women who don't want to participate, will just chat together, a happy group. All the best Gwyneth
SPNH 27th Apr 2021
Thank you for the feedback. All of our other activities are mixed , it was just the two gender specific sessions we have once a month ( and I must say that we have had the occasional session where an opposite gender has particpated.)
I will run a poll at the next resident meeting and get their feedback also.
Susan 28th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Spnh
Asking at a resident council the meeting is usually a good idea

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