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Rebecca 22nd May 2021 Activity Aide
Hi There,
I am currently in a new role as a Community Life Coordinator for an Assisted living floor within a retirement community (mainly 65+ condos). I have started working now but residents will not move in for another month and a half. I am working with almost zero budget and am trying to get something in place. I have amazing recreation facilities with so much possibility. I am hoping to get some of your top recommendations in terms of supplies. What is it that you are using on a regular basis and what are the things not to bother with. Thank you so much. The Golden Carers website has helped me so much when I was an assistant and I know will be my go to resource now as a coordinator. Thank you!
Susan 23rd May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rebecca
First congratulations on your new role
Here are some things that I thought of off the top my
I would start with some beach balls they are very versatile and can be used for many activities
Balloons are cheap and also can be used for many things

I would think about your calendar and see what supplies you might need for the activities

I would order some arts and craft supplies or look at the arts and crafts activities here and see what you might want to do
Maybe get some
markers paint pipe cleaners colored paper and other things do you think you might need in that line of supplies
Playing cards And dice are pretty inexpensive and can be used for many activities
I would have some activities that are icebreakers so residents would get to know each other
You will know more when you meet the residents
See what they’d like to do

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