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Heather 26th May 2021 Life Enrichment Aide
Hello everyone!
I am planning a summer camp week in July. Just wondering if any of you had any ideas.
I would like to do each day a different camp from m to f.
Susan 26th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Heather
Here is one idea
Make a pretend tent or get a small pup tent to set the mood
Serve camping food like hotdogs or somemores
Sing camping songs
Such as camp Granada this land is your land or any of these

Could pretend that you are camping in different locations and have a location a day
Amie 14th May 2023 Admin
We will be having our third camp night this year. We write our own "camp stories" and read them that night. We sing songs, have a real camp fire ring ( we do it outdoors) and make smor'es , you have to try them with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bar YUM! Play camp games, in the pond and out of the pond, maybe go around doing the alphabet and everyone will say something beginning with the letter and the others must repeat the list. it gets hard but is fun. look at old girl scout and boy scout songs like " the other day I met a bear" Good luck, just have fun!

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