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Julie 4th Jun 2021 Activity Coordinator
I did the Tea Tasting afternoon as suggested on this forum. I took in all my vintage teapots and displayed them on a lovely table cloth. I chose 6 different tea flavours, Mint, Jasmine, Ginger & Lime, Raspberry, Green , Liquorce. They were all a bit reluctant to try new flavours, but after sampling them they seem to enjoy it. However, the verdict of the day was " bring back good old Tetleys!"
Jean 5th Jun 2021 Activities Coordinator
Yes, I had the same Julie. Nothing like a 'cuppa'. No matter what food or drink we are tasting we make sure that the regular tea trolley still visits the group
Susan 5th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hey Julie
How good of you to try this with the residents and see their reaction
It was lovely of you to bring it all those tea pots
You are obviously a very good and caring leader
Thanks for sharing
Kelly 11th Jun 2021 Lead Activities Co-ordinator
I do something similar one Thursday a month, we call it THIRSTY THURSDAY.each time its different types of drinks, tea, flavored water, cordial, pop, hot chocolate, milkshakes. we do it like you would with a wine tasting talking and writing about our thoughts and preferences.

we also do something I call fruity Friday where we try a selection of fruits that our residents may never heard of or tried before.
Susan 11th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Wow Kelly
This sounds great and very creative
It’s obvious you are a great leader also
Thanks for sharing this

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