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Danielle 11th Jun 2021 Activities Assistant
I’m struggling significantly to get staff to get my Alzheimer’s residents up. Most are in later stages of dementia. Most of the residents are in bed all day and eat every meal in bed.
I have shared my concerns all the way up the chain of supervisors.
I’m at loss.
Looking for any suggestions!
Thank you.
Susan 11th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Alison 13th Jul 2021 Avita Program Director
First I looked at their social history to see what time they generally used to get up. Then I started a rise and shine club. Around the time they used to get up I had the RCA's go in and say good morning, "It is going to be a beautiful day." Then I would have them open the shade a little so some light and the resident could see it is day time. The RCA would leave and come back 5- 10 minutes later and talk to the resident and motivate them to get up. Today for breakfast we are having, it smells so good. Things like that.
I hope it helps.

Susan 14th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Allison
Thanks for sharing this

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