15 Ways to get the Participation of your Nursing Team

15 Ways to get the Participation of your Nursing Team

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Quality of Life regulations require everyone in a skilled nursing community to play a role in activities and leisure. Here’s how to get the participation you need from your nursing team.

While you may be responsible for the quality of life for each of your residents via activity planning, you cannot do it alone. You need the buy-in and participation from your nursing staff, including aids (CNAs), to take your activity program from good to great.

In this article we cover:

  • Regulation and Best Practices
  • Benefits for Residents
  • Benefits for Nursing Staff
  • Challenges to Nursing Participation
  • How Nursing Staff Can Participate
  • 15 Ways to Get Nursing Staff Involved

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Susan 13th Nov 2019 Activity Director
You are very lucky to be working with staff like this
Barbara 13th Nov 2019 Recreation Coordinator
I work with a great group of nurses! We had a monthly Total Brain Health program and one did a lecture on sleep and even came in her bunny sleeper! They've chipped in to serve at parties and wine/cheese socials. The Director of AL is an RN and speaks at our Resident Council meetings every month. Our NP gives bi-monthly health lectures. They are always willing to chip in for the good of our residents!
Solange 13th Nov 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Barbara, this is what teamwork is all about. Your facility's residents are very lucky!
Solange 14th Nov 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Cheryl-Lee, you are on the right track; volunteers are one way to improve individual and group activities. Your facility has wonderful team-work!
Cheryl-Lee 13th Nov 2019 Recreational Activities Officers
We do have some amazing staff that pitch in and make the most of the day by joining in and initiating activities, but do need many more tips for the rest of them as the Dementia Unit can be challenging, physically and mentally draining most times it is also so rewarding, the success truly is based aroud the whole team not just the REC team.Also now the new accreditation standards are based on person centred care I am feeling overwhelmed keeping up. TIME just never seems enough. I see the benefits of one on ones and see as the dementia deteriorates one on ones are more needed and less confusing to the resident for instructions etc.
Group activities are great and I now work with smaller groups. They are enjoyed so much more. I am trying to involve more volunteers in the unit to make it run smoother.