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Cheryl-Lee Rebekah Katinka Dan Susan 30th Aug 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Remembering Judy Garland

Wow this is perfect for reminiscing our beautiful stars.
I can't wait to print out put in a little portfolio apart from group reminiscing activity im sure many of our residents will enjoy reading these memories.
Thanks Heaps
Cheryl-Lee 15th Jun 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Where did you find the plastic balloons??
Thank you in advance.
Cheryl-Lee 10th Apr 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

Wow all fantastic ideas, I will be printing off and take to our next meeting to share with the team. It can be so hard doing the required admission asking so many questions these are great ideas to implement and help our resident adjust to their new home.
We are all welcoming and inviting upon arrival but love the ideas that we can add.
Thankyou heaps
Cheryl-Lee 6th Mar 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Rhyming Riddles 1

Wow my printer & laminator are working overtime.
I love everything about Golden Carers. I am in the process of putting together quiz books etc for our SCU. I printed a few off and one of our nurses wants more. She said she has a large group of residents that love doing these. We have two ends of our unit that are both very busy,so I will have a book printed either end. It is so great our nurses are wanting to get involved, as an Activity Officer it truly does lighten the load when we work as, one team one dream and Golden Carers is enabling us to do just that.
Thanks Heaps
Cheryl-Lee 6th Mar 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Remembering the clothesline

Love the poem I am only 50 and had a giggle as it suits my childhood and when I had my babies. We are doing Laundry Week at the moment. This will be most helpful.

Thankyou Heaps

Rebekah 28th Feb 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

March Quiz

I get excited when I get an email to open & see what new great ideas are on here. Thankyou heaps, I am a number 1 fan of Golden Carers. The quizzes are awesome and our residents are enjoying new ones.
Rebekah 13th Sep 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Arm Chair Travel Group Play and Discussion

I love the idea of making up passports for our Armchair Travel I have looked on pintinterest but can't seem to find the pattern ? Any ideas ? thanks heaps Cheryl-lee