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Cheryl-Lee 12th Jun 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

DIY Noughts and Crosses

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Noughts & Crosses
Cheryl-Lee, Katinka, Rebekah, Dan, Cindy 24th Apr 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

Chair Dancing

I also would like the name of the DVD please as there is a few.
We have the smile and sway which is fun in our dementia unit also.
Cheryl-Lee, Katinka, Rebekah, Dan, Cindy 24th Apr 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Thankyou so much for the great idea our Busy Board has been set up in the café lounge. I have used plastic coloured envelopes from Officeworks for easy wiping and the labels can be changed around. Residents can access it or staff can pass onto residents. I try to show the residents when I am taking them for a walk outside on our way back to the room.
I did try velcro to hold the envelopes on but they kept coming off so ended up using coloured pins.
Cheryl-Lee 24th Feb 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Such a fantastic idea thankyou
Cheryl-Lee 19th Feb 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

Doll Therapy and Dementia

I am just starting to introduce "Doll Therapy" but now thinking I do like the name "Nurture Therapy". I have just got given a cradle today which I'm hoping to put into our quite room to assist with morning tea etc so the baby doesnt get given food or drink and get dirty.
I would love some ideas on possessiveness behaviours and allowing the baby to have sleeps so that daily routines toileting ,showering, meals can be continued.
As well as the person having a break so the baby isnt held for long periods of time so the person can interact with other activities and not becoming isolated with just the baby and the person. I have seen some positive beautiful outcomes but also more behaviours from the baby not letting others near them.
Also has anyone got any documentation/forms to assist with this form of therapy apart from the normal observations of the person. Im wanting to grab hold of any info possible to share with the rest of my colleagues.
Cheryl-Lee 9th Jan 2020 Recreational Activities Officers

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Awesome idea I can't wait to put some scrapbooks together with old magazines.
I got a lot of old calenders donated, I am in the process of laminating and I am putting a variety of suggested questions for reminiscing sessions which they love.
I then put up to 10 pics in each folder for group sessions or one one ones.
Thankyou Golden Carers for inspiration.
Cheryl-Lee Bek's Tinks Dan 20th Nov 2019 Recreational Activities Officers


I reuse paper towel holders, glad wrap etc but didnt think for hygene purposes toilet would be allowed. so it is ok?
Cheryl-Lee 13th Nov 2019 Recreational Activities Officers

15 Ways to get the Participation of your Nursing Team

We do have some amazing staff that pitch in and make the most of the day by joining in and initiating activities, but do need many more tips for the rest of them as the Dementia Unit can be challenging, physically and mentally draining most times it is also so rewarding, the success truly is based aroud the whole team not just the REC team.Also now the new accreditation standards are based on person centred care I am feeling overwhelmed keeping up. TIME just never seems enough. I see the benefits of one on ones and see as the dementia deteriorates one on ones are more needed and less confusing to the resident for instructions etc.
Group activities are great and I now work with smaller groups. They are enjoyed so much more. I am trying to involve more volunteers in the unit to make it run smoother.
Cheryl-Lee 26th Oct 2019 Recreational Activities Officers

Friendship Afternoon

Ive been doing the bread maker for a while now and they all love fresh bread with jam and butter. Only takes a few minutes to pop on and ready for the afternoon or they have had it for supper. I am yet to try adding some different flavours to the mix, sultanas or cheese and herbs.
Cheryl-Lee 8th Oct 2019 Recreational Activities Officers

Name the Insect Quiz

Hi Shirley
This is a great activity for one on one or group but I too am trying to work out how to enlarge the pictures to have maybe 4-6 to a page as they are small too see.
Memory match is great for our dementia residents but they work better with fewer pictures and larger size.
Thanks for the great ideas.