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Tricia 31st Aug 2021 Recreation Therapist
Any suggestions on how to celebrate Oktoberfest without alcohol…
I work at a VA so many of my veterans struggle with alcoholism… I am planning a mule wagon ride, some yard games and pretzels with cheese sauce… in case the weather doesn’t cooperate - any other suggestions? I am on a sub-acute rehab unit with several veterans with dementia….
Coleen 2nd Sep 2021 Activities Assistant
I'm planning a pub themed day and will serve SPARKLING APPLE CIDER instead of beer.
Nancy 2nd Sep 2021 Activity Coordinator
I work at a senior center and we are going to celebrate with pretzels and root beer. You could also have ginger beer.
Susan 2nd Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Coleen n Nancy
Thank you for your input
Sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun
Good ideas
Rohan 5th Sep 2021 Activities Assistant
Hi was wondering how I can celebrate Okotberfest for dementia residents without alcohol at my workplace . Is their anything else I can do for them that they can enjoy .
Vasiliki 7th Sep 2021 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator
We have regular festivities and use zero alcohol beer or wines. They taste and smell very similar to the real deal....
Susan 9th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Vasilki
Thank you for the information
Can you tell us what specifically you served to drink??

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